Full information on properties and peculiarities of skin
Personal recommendations involving anti-aging preventive actions
Protection against epigenetic factors
Your face and skin is Your calling card
Genetic skin testing is personalized medicine of future, that one can afford today.
Genetic analysis which enables to get comprehensive and reliable information on skin properties and peculiarities, on risks of premature aging and origin of dermatological diseases, and helps to find personalized approach to preserve natural beauty
Elasticity and tendency of skin to create wrinkle
Collagen degradation rate and new collagen synthesis rate are evaluated, morphotype of aging and line-forming risks are defined.
Antioxidant defense and defense against external factors
Natural antioxidant status of body cells is defined and then compared with epigenetic factors
Tendency to pigmentation and photo aging
Risks of appearance of pigment stains and diseases associated with overexposure to sun light are detected
Tendency of skin to dermal reactions and sensitiveness
Reasons of skin reactions following certain procedures or components of cosmetic products, emergence of allergic reactions, eczema, hypersensitivity after particular exposure, are detected
Capability to maintain certain moisture level in skin tissue
Capability of skin to maintain moisture balance and, subsequently, healthy biochemical reactions
Acne and inflammation emergence risks
Extrinsic skin inflammation peculiarities are being evaluated , depending on the nature of the predisposing factors
Optimal choice of the safest and most effective methods of skin care and/or skin treatment
Customized program for skin care at home
Possibility to forecast safeness of cosmetic procedures and products
Detection of potential skin diseases and skin diseases emergence risks
Skin complexion comprehensive situation including aging intensity forecast
Where do I pass the test
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